A resident of Fanwood, Al Mirabella has been a Union County Freeholder since 1997. A graduate of Hobart College, Freeholder Mirabella spent 20 years in the private sector before deciding to serve the people of Union County as a Freeholder. He currently serves as the Township Manager of Scotch Plains. He has been a resident of Union County for over 50 years and counting.  Freeholder Mirabella knows what makes our communities move.

A resident of Plainfield, Freeholder Rebecca Williams is part of a new generation of leaders in Union County. A college professor and former member of the Plainfield City Council and an executive of the Women Voters of Plainfield, Freeholder Williams is a champion of public education and LGBTQ issues.

A resident of Roselle,  she served as a member of the Roselle Borough Council from 2014-2018.  Andrea Staten knows Union County, having been a resident for over 20 years. As a licensed Real Estate appraiser and a Former Member of Roselle Planning Board Andrea Staten knows what it takes to keep the county growing.

A resident of Westfield and a lifelong resident of Union County Kim Palmieri Mouded is a University Professional with a passion for education. Kim Palmieri Mouded earned a Masters in Professional Studies and Leadership from St. John University where she went on to found St. John’s University Relay For Life and be named Associate Dean of Student Life. She will be a tireless advocate for Union Counties children.


Our county parks are gems of our communities and pillars of our civil society. That’s why the Column A Democratic team for the Board of Chosen Freeholders pledges continued investment in our parks service, keeping them clean, safe and accessible to every resident. The Column A Democratic team knows that preserving open space for public use is critical to this effort, as a result they are committed to continuing their support of shared open space grants to encourage municipalities to preserve new land for parks.


Infrastructure projects link our communities, allowing our communities to prosper and businesses to flourish. Under the Column A Democratic team, the Board of Chosen Freeholders will continue its investments in county roads and other infrastructure projects that keep Union county moving and working. Just in the last year, the Board of Chosen Freeholders repaved county roads in 14 municipalizes, keeping them up to the high standard expected by the residents of Union County. 

Shared Services

Working together through shared services arrangements, the Column A Democratic team will continue working to make government more efficient and less expensive. Expanding the county’s Ambulance Program and other shared services arrangements allow taxpayer savings at all levels of government.  Our new countywide shared EMS dispatch service serves as the model for these projects, growing continuously and keeping costs to municipalities down while providing top-class government service.

Fighting for what’s right

In Union County we believe our government should represent the best among us, not the lowest common denominator that we often get from Washington DC. That’s why we stand as the Board of Chosen Freeholders behind what we believe in. It’s why we created special government offices dedicated to supporting and advancing the interests of Women and LGBTQ residents in our community. It’s why our county supported the Paris Accords even after Washington turned its back. The Column A Democratic team fights for our county every day, standing up for what we know to be right in the name of our residents.