Welcome letter from the UCYD President

Union County Young Democrats is here to make the future that so many in our generation dream about a reality. The generation that the UCYD represents are the always popular, somewhat confusing and currently large Millennial generation. Millennials, as we are called are a frequent topic of conversation in news media, advertising meetings, and of course, campaign organizers.

While at times there is some heated discussion as to who counts as Millennial, the Pew Research Center declares that a “Millennial” is anyone born from the year 1981 to the year 1996. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2019, Millennials range from ages 23 to 38 in US. We are the generation of “80s babies” or “90s kids”. The children who was “raised on television”, who were the first to have the internet in our schools, and who created social media (Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is 35 years old by the way. Millennial!). And yes, we are the subject of much scrutiny and the butt of many jokes.

Yet, at our core, we are a generation who cares. We care about the planet. We care about the economy. We care about our parents. We care about each other. We care and are motivated to give, to help and to love in ways that may seem odd to our forebearers but come quite naturally to us. It is because we care so much that we are highly motivated to dream. We dream of a world that is fair and just for all people. We dream of a world that is safe for our neighbors and children.

We dream of a life where everyone has a seat at the table. It is the dream of the Union County Young Democrats to provide avenues for the Millennial generation to thrive in their places of work and activism. It is the dream of the Union County Young Democrats to take the dreams of our fellow Millennials a help them in any way possible so that they may fulfill what is in their hearts. To do this, we are calling on all those dreamers, all those who care and all those who are motivated to bring lasting changes to our communities to join with us in the mission of forming a more perfect union.

As you may have heard, the Millennial generation is currently the largest voting demographic in the United States. The opportunities that lay before us in the coming years are truly larger than life. It is an opportunity to literally form the future. It is by making our voices heard that we will be the influencers who will make this world a far better place than what it is now. As we begin this new season, we are excited to grow our organization and hear from you. It is only by working together that we will move our nation and our world forward, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Elliott Johnson
President, Union County Young Democrats

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